Shane and RachelWelcome to our little space on the internet. My name is Rachel, my husband Shane and I have been married for twenty years, we have three beautiful kids and a much loved Chocolate Labrador. We live in a coastal city of Australia which we love with all our hearts. Shane is a pastor and I serve alongside him supporting him in ministry. I have been involved in Kids Ministry for as long as I have been able to and it is one of my deepest joys and passions, starting of course with my 3 at home.


In the last few years we have had a number of changes, moving home, jobs and schools for the kids, which has honestly been huge and nothing short of a mini blog series at the very least. In between it all we homeschooled for a period before restarting them back in the traditional school system, which I found hard as a mum, but something we all agreed on and felt led by God to.  We loved our time homeschooling, the great outdoors, our own schedule, rest and time together, for various reasons including moving much closer to a wonderful school  we headed back into the traditional model of schooling.

Yosemite Meadow Wide.jpg

It is our desire to continue travelling in order to help our kids see the world and appreciate different cultures and environments, learning as they meet new people, in new situations, try new foods and discover more about God’s beautiful creation. So whilst this little blog started as a place to document our homeschooling journey it will continue to be a place where we document our learning of new culture and places.

Kids at Crescent Meadows

I never anticipated travelling with my kids, I didn’t think it was possible in all honesty, I didn’t know much (not that I do now, but research is my best friend) I only saw enormous price tags, and countries I didn’t know much about. I was so surprised when we went on our first family overseas holiday for which I am so grateful, it was the most incredible time together and one I consider to be an investment that has enriched their learning, our family time and our faith.   We are currently in the planning stages of our next adventure, a dream which I didn’t think possible, I thought we had our trip, but here we go again. I look forward to sharing with you our planning tips, joys and inevitable challenges. Please join with us over on social media to join in the daily fun.




The Words in this blog are my own opinions, or resources and ideas I have found helpful,  every family should check their own regulations with their governing state, district & country. Please do not use photos without permission or post material without a link back to the site.


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