This is Us.

Shane and Rachel


Shane and Rachel.

Or as everybody in Australia calls me, Rach. {Feel free to join in, it is an inevitable part of Aussie Culture}. These are our people.



He is a middle schooler and LOVES photos! I am actually amazed that this photo does not having him wearing a Soccer (Football) shirt, although he is wearing his Academy’s beanie. Soccer is LIFE! I LOVE my boy who has the most sweet and steadfast character,



She is at that gorgeous age where what she really wants is a Rabbit, and so she reads, researches and creates plans to convince us to buy her one. There is much leadership in this one. She is completely adorable and quite honestly an absolute genius in my opinion, she will rule the world one day, or at least her hearts chosen endeavour.



Well you could not pack any more personality and sass into this boy if you tried. He is absolutely scrumptious and I LOVE him a whole bunch. He is in for whatever his brother is doing and will bring the humour. every. Single. Time.




Our Much Loved Chocolate Labrador! His Happy Wagging tail could knock you out, he has a please feed me more face, and is most content sitting inside with us, or lying by the pool while we swim in the summer.

We have just begun our homeschooling journey. I am hoping that I will not get distracted, but will pursue finishing this blog to the very end as I document our days.


My Home School Philosophy.

To be honest, I’m not sure I fit fully into one particular  philosophy. There is much I love in many and I am attempting a pick and choose approach {I think that’s called eclectic}.

If I were to write my own vision for homeschooling, it would be this.

I believe kids are meant to be engaged deeply in learning, I believe when learning is at it’s best kids will love it, really love and pursue it. I believe they can be guided and helped in their pursuit, as they discover more about who they are, the universe in which they live and the people, their stories and places.

I believe learning should be with the earth beneath their feet and paper in their hands, to write, to draw, to paint and to explore their thoughts and the thoughts of others; scholars, critics, scientists, poets, writers, historians, sportsmen, artists…

I believe that learning develops as we play, as we really engage with the world and that it is most memorable when it comes from a safe place of rest. I want to see the world with my kids, to explore the earth that we read about in books, to see and discover new places, cultures and people.

I believe kids should lay in their living rooms, on their couches, on the floor, by the river, in the forest, on the grass outside, on the beach taking the world in as they read and discover more of our collective stories.

I believe in family, and learning next to those you love, those who will support you and cheer you on, I believe in time together and living simply.

I believe in friendships and taking the time to foster relationships with others, who you can serve and love with courage, conviction and action. I believe in fostering character and courage in my children and in myself.

I believe in deepening our understanding of God and his word, of forging faith in all the seasons, laying lifelong foundations. I want to read the bible with my kids, to pray with them and for them.

I believe in beautiful places to study, working in clean and organised spaces with lots of light and comfort. I believe that kids should have access to what they need in order to create, learn, grow and be active. However what we need, is often a lot less than what we want.

I believe in imperfection and grace. There is no person, family or system that can possibly be perfect. I will not try to display perfection {as if that were possible} and want to live out the grace filled life that brings freedom.




Please know that I in no way want to impose my values or ideas upon you, throughout this blog. Homeschooling for us is what I truly believe God has laid on my heart, which I will explain throughout this blog. I am excited to begin homeschooling, partly as I believe for me it is an act of obedience to the call I feel God has laid on my life. To be clear I also totally believe in traditional education and wherever it is that God has called you to be with your family. I have wonderful friends who are excellent teachers and create and support incredible learning environments for their students. The school we have been a part of the last six years is a brilliant school and I honestly could not have hoped for better or been more blessed with our friendships and the environment there. In my excitement and passion for homeschooling, please do not hear criticism of other kinds, you will know where God is leading you and I pray that in the space he is leading your family, you will flourish. This is simply where I feel God has been leading us, it is certainly not for everyone.


The Words in this blog are my own opinions, or resources and ideas I have found helpful,  every family should check their own regulations with their governing state, district & country. Please do not use photos without permission or post material without a link back to the site.


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